Vote in an agile, comfortable and safe way.

Currently in Spain, voting by mail has a very bad reputation as there is no guarantee that the process will work well. There are many queues when voting from other countries and citizens must travel to capitals or major cities.

Users reject their right to vote out of frustration with the process.

Having an app to be able to vote would not only facilitate voting abroad, also increase participation in the country. It would be easier to vote for people who are lazy, who have problems getting to the polling stations or who have doubts whether to go or not.


Mobile app


UX/UI Designer




April 2021


Challenge, problem
& solution.

Be universal and secure, the main challenge.

On the one hand, understand the voting and vote-by-mail system. In terms of security, it is clear that who votes should be verified and only one vote per person guaranteed. also creating a secure system that is not susceptible to fraud.

On the other hand, taking into account that the use of this application is intended to be universal, it should not influence the user's vote and it should be simple and clear so that everyone can use it.

Bad reputation, the problem to solve.

Currently in Spain, voting by mail has a very bad reputation as there is no guarantee that the process will work well.

There is a lot of bureaucracy to vote by mail and the process is very slow. People who vote from abroad do not know if they vote has counted because the postal service process makes it late.

Our solution is an agile, comfortable and secure app to vote for everyone.

With e·voting the user can vote wherever he want, with total security and without queuing. If that day the citizen is not well, because of his schedule, sickness or is a lazy person, can vote.


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Vote for everyone, instantly.

Voting abroad

One of the main needs covered by the app is to improve the vote for citizens living abroad.

Always it's a good moment to vote

Citizens of the country can also vote at any time they want and without waiting. This will make people who usually were hesitant and lazy, more susceptible to vote.


Further iterations

Election results right after voting

Thanks to the fact that many people would vote through the app, you could simply see the statistics that have been made at the moment. Have the function to vote at the same time information to be updated about how the electoral day is going.



Finding the right people and asking the right questions

First of all, I've been able to investigate more with the serious problem that voters living abroad have. Also search for a way to motivate the citizens who no longer wants to vote, it's not an easy task. I have also find out curious regulations for parties during the electoral campaign.

It was important to simplify the application but at the same time without losing security in the voting process. Especially for the citizen who no longer has the desire to vote.

Above all, I have discovered working more collaboratively with people who had not worked before and seeing other ways of working in the creative process.